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GTE PAY Taking global tourism as the entry point and based on the world's top blockchain technology, build a borderless tourism business ecosystem and application solution platform
Field application

In the tourism industry, we will take the personal digital identity of tourists as the lever of change, cut into the blockchain technology, and implement the practical application scenarios in the tourism industry to enhance the tourism security and convenience, so that tourists can achieve the boundless authentication of personal digital identity ID in the transnational travel. This idea goes beyond the travel itself and will bring value-added space beyond the imagination for tourism service providers and tourists. In the next 10-20 years, digital innovation in the tourism industry will release huge energy and generate an immeasurable and sustainable new business model

Tourism boosts economy

In the past decade, although the growth rate of the global economy has been declining slowly, the total number of tourists and the total income of tourism have maintained a relatively high growth rate, which has become an important driving force for the global economic recovery

High light technology team
GTE PAY Focus on multi-dimensional development of multi-national tourism and promote more innovative, intelligent and sustainable global tourism business
Ethan Alexander
Fixc senior architect, specializing in JavaScript advanced network. In 2015, he served as a senior technical developer at IBM; since April 2016, he has led nearly 10 bolck chain projects in California in one year; in February 2018, he formally joined GTE pay technical team. More than 4 years of experience in blockchain architecture, development and implementation of interactive networks
Brandon Clapton
Ma from Auckland University of technology, New Zealand. After graduation in 2003, he went to Bangalore, India, to engage in full-time system development; before joining GTE pay, he was a senior blockchain freelance developer, who participated in more than 10 blockchain projects, and most of them successfully landed in overstock T0, hoobi and other mainstream trading platforms
Dylan Baillot
In 2017, he was promoted to be an expert of data and information management department in Greater China, served many large-scale business institutions such as IDL and meqs, and had many years of experience in data construction and implementation of business market. Be good at training the combination of data and marketing channels and building the data unit structure
GTE PAY brief introduction

GTE PAY Taking global tourism as the entry point, and based on the world's top blockchain technology, build a borderless tourism business ecosystem and application solution platform. GTE pay will adhere to the concept of "blockchain sharing · borderless tourism", integrate industry service providers and global tourism user resources, jointly promote the actual implementation of blockchain technology in tourism scenes, and jointly build a more efficient and self driving digital borderless tourism ecosystem. In GTE pay, tourism users can find their own satisfactory travel products point-to-point in the global scope, and finally achieve the ultimate goal of removing middlemen and protecting the deserved interests of tourists and service providers.

Prophase plan

After the release of the white paper of GTE pay project, the technical architecture design of GTE pay ecosystem needs to be promoted layer by layer to ensure that the objectives of each stage are achieved. In terms of market, GTE pay will open the atwt fundraising channel, and businesses will promote and sign contracts. In terms of platform, GTE pay will be deployed to the online exchange, and the application scenarios of different partners will be promoted, including due diligence, compliance review, transaction management and information disclosure of the online exchange.

Medium term development

Further improve the global tourism service landing scene, promote the GTE pay ecosystem platform globally, and maintain and promote the use of atwt. In addition to continuously strengthening the technology leadership of GTE pay public chain, it will continue to release new assets and applications on the chain, comprehensively expand the ecological structure of GTE pay and enrich the vitality of GTE pay, and build GTE pay into the standard of global tourism application ecology in the era of blockchain.

Forward planning
GTE pay global borderless ecosystem United exchange continues to expand the global application layout within the ecosystem. Take Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East and other regions as the primary construction objects, and gradually open up the international tourism markets in North America, Europe, Africa and so on. Keep empowering. GTE pay ecological value system makes it the head force of global blockchain tourism application in the era of blockchain.
GETpay Application of tourism system

GTE PAYIt will also be able to accumulate and stack dynamic data on the basis of static information, and use machine learning algorithm for relevant data analysis; comprehensively use image recognition, voice recognition and text analysis in AI field to extract and use machines

The learning algorithm is used to analyze big data to generate global passenger behavior portrait and credit data. The AI, 5g, big data and other technologies used in GTE pay ecosystem belong to its own controllable closed-loop application of tourism system, which can provide simple and effective intelligent services for specific tourism consumers and travel service providers.
GTE PAY Technical solutions
The company focuses on the global tourism ecological payment industry, GTE pay technology solutions
Tourism Payment Industry
Technical solutions
In the data layer, the data structure of blockchain linked list ensures that the data records are open, transparent, tamper proof, irreversible, and secure. Based on the highly redundant storage mechanism of blockchain, blockchain storage will have some impact on the scalability and performance of blockchain. GTE pay framework design will adopt multi-level node system and select different storage strategies according to different node applications
IPFs (interplanetary file system) is a point-to-point distributed hypermedia distribution protocol. It integrates the best ideas of distributed system in the past few years, and provides a globally uniform addressable space for all people, including git, SFS, BitTorrent and DHT. At the same time, it is considered to be the new generation Internet protocol that is most likely to replace http.

GTE pay in the consensus layer will select the latest dpos consensus algorithm. Delegated rights and interests prove that dpos solves the problems of performance and energy consumption well, and has the characteristics of high performance and high consistency. It is extremely suitable for the frequent production of such data in the high-end business industry, and the weak center upper application incentive layer bookkeeping node with high real-time bookkeeping requirements will get corresponding rewards for each generated block. The regular bookkeeping node can collect bonus points into its own account and apply for conversion and realization through GTE pay.

Holding and using atwt (GTE pay digital pass), you can get all kinds of VIP treatment services in the global boundless tourism ecology and enjoy preferential discounts. Encourage to comment on the rating of Dutch officials in GTE pay system, and use proof of comments to reward customers for objective evaluation, so as to promote the healthy development of the ecosystem.

The smart contract technology developed by the data layer based on the blockchain technology includes the mechanism of transaction processing and saving. The smart contract system will set the trigger conditions according to the event description information. When the trigger conditions are met, the smart contract will automatically execute the specified content of the contract The smart contract is irreversible, once completed, it will not be modified or deleted, with strong security.

In order to support atwt developers, the development team will provide rich developer tools, including independent smart contract development IDE, block browser, plug-in support of various popular ides, debugger, simulator, smart contract formal verification tool, background SDK of various high-level languages, Mobile SDK, etc., to encourage more companies to understand the blockchain and accept the block Chain, block chain and GTE pay will make the global tourism industry more standardized and build an international borderless tourism ecosystem.
March 2019 (China) first community node established
GTE PAY development history
Focus on global tourism ecological payment
Overseas technical team established in 2018
GTE pay foundation established in Dubai in 2017 (atwt operation)
2019.4 white paper 1.0-2019.11 white paper 2.0 (China UK) Global
October 12, 2019 payment DAPP landing application
December 2019: the application of shopping mall will be implemented (at the same time, the merchants will enter / the capital institutions will enter)
2016 Dubai Global Investment Group
Line 2-3 of the first stock exchange from March to may 2020Road 2020.11 Shanghuo coin
Make 2021.1dapp open to overseas ecological development
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