GTE pay ecosystem

GTE pay global blockchain borderless tourism ecosystem has developed and established four platform service systems, including payment transaction, identity authentication, credit reward and regulatory review, built a tourism service system integrating travel, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and shopping, and integrated the resources of upstream, midstream and downstream suppliers and service providers of global tourism countries to provide the best quality for GTE pay users , intimate and convenient global high-end tourism services, truly realizing user boundless tourism, ecological boundless application and business boundless operation, lay a solid foundation for the innovative reform of the global tourism industry.

Payment transaction system

Consumers use atwt (gtepay digital pass) to purchase services. Gtepay will provide payment and settlement in French or digital currency according to the needs of tourism service providers or tourism users.

Identity authentication system

Passengers register the tourism service content and user identity authentication through gtepay identity authentication system. After completion, the user information will be encrypted and saved. Only after authorization, the service provider can access the personal information of passengers based on the compliance requirements, which greatly prevents the information of tourism users from leaking.

Credit reward system

No matter the tourists or the tourism service providers, after the completion of the tourism service transaction, both parties can score each other in the gtepay credit evaluation system, and the evaluation results will be permanently saved in the blockchain node, and the results will be closely related to the platform awards of both parties, accumulating a certain amount of real good reviews, and gtepay will reward a certain amount of atwt.

Regulatory audit system

Gtepay supervision and audit system adopts the decentralized application mode of block chain data to conduct decentralized supervision on the transaction, service behavior, information storage, communication behavior, etc. in the tourism ecology, so as to ensure the safe and fair operation of gtepay tourism ecology.

GTE PAY Five modules 

Trip Among the five parts of GTE pay, the travel part will provide users with all-round travel solutions. From round-trip ticket booking to airport shuttle bus transfer, GTE pay system can carry out accurate information demand matching.

Hotel In GTE pay ecosystem, AI matching is adopted, which can also quickly select the hotels or characteristic accommodation with the highest satisfaction according to the needs of users. The information in the accommodation process is transparent, and the user information is permanently confidential

Restaurant GTE pay is decentralized, open and transparent. The real information of both the user and the restaurant is archived in the system. If there is a significant change in the restaurant, the whole process must be recorded through the system, so as to make the user eat at ease

entertainment GTE pay has opened up tourist attractions, entertainment resources and routes in six Southeast Asian countries. Tourists can choose a single or package route according to their own conditions. The platform will provide intimate 24-hour voice guide service


At present, GTE pay has cooperated with more than 200 suppliers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries to provide maximum price and quality guarantee for users' travel and shopping.

“GTE PAY Global tourism ecological payment”
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